The world's first device that keeps condoms securely in place.

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The World's Slimmest Constriction Device.

The Slip Guard can handle what ever you throw at it. It can support over 1000 times its own weight and is specifically designed to work with condoms.

100% Food Grade Silicon.

The Slip Guard is less likely to cause your partner to experience an allergic reaction when in use.

How It Works

The Slip Guard is simple. After putting on the condom, make sure it is completely unrolled to the base. Stretching The Slip Guard, slip it over the condom and sit the base of the condom in the middle chamber of The Slip Guard. With one ring contacting the condom and the other making contact with skin.

Condom Slippage?

Have you or someone you know experienced condom slippage during an intimate moment?  Condom slippage during an intimate moment affects roughly 3 million Americans every year.

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