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Whether this has happened to you, someone you know, or you would like to be extra cautious, condom slippage is a very common problem. The internet is littered with people asking for a solution. Until The Slip Guard, there was no solution. Most advisors simply say, "Try a smaller condom", which, in most cases, does not help.  

Top reasons for condom slippage:

  • Lack of Lubrication or Excessive Lubrication
  • Shape & Size
  • Vigor
  • Position
  • Inexperience

    Roughly 15.2 million men and 6.3 million women purchase condoms in the US annually. In addition, women can face serious complications when a condom gets lodged inside of the vaginal cavity for extended periods of time. We also uncovered that dislodging a condom is not only a mood killer but may require a hospital visit if it cannot be removed by hand (Yikes!)

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "condoms slip off in 5% of coital acts and slip down (but not off) 13% of the time.” 

    Our company conducted a survey of 91 men and women to create the basis of comparison against the CDC’s conservative numbers. The survey segmented the affects into the same categories as the CDC, asking both men and women.

    According to the data below, 35% of men and women with male partners have experienced condoms slipping down (but not off).  

    While 22% have experienced condoms slipping completely off within the past two years.