About Us

In 2014, the idea to partner in business was started over a plate of nachos at local restaurant on the border of D.C. At the time, we had no idea where this journey would take us. On the back of a napkin we scribbled down what we wanted the focus of our business to be. It was simple. 

 "Let's make products that focus on improving the lives of others." 

In a little over a year, the idea moved from concept to product with customer safety and satisfaction at the forefront of our process. Today, after thousands of hours in research and testing, late nights and the help of other young entrepreneurs, The Slip Guard is finally here! 

Our Vision

With a strong focus on creating value for customers, continuous improvement and servant leadership, Thomas & Wynter R&D seeks to design unique products that create value for customers. Innovation and bold thinking will make this company a world leader for clever yet cost effective product offerings. As ethical industry leaders, Thomas & Wynter R&D will always focus on the greatest good for its consumers, internal stakeholders and environment.

Our Mission

Thomas & Wynter R&D will offer novel solutions to everyday problems, proving to be a sustainable and competitive provider for all products offered.