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Place the unrolled condom on erect penis prior to any sexual contact. Holding The Slip Guard with both index fingers, stretch in opposing directions until the diameter of the apparatus is large enough to pass over the shaft of the penis. The Slip Guard should rest on the shaft of the penis and the base of the condom. Visually inspect The Slip Guard to ensure it is securely seated with one ring on either side of the base of the condom.


    With both pointer fingers and thumbs, pinch two of the four joining slates on opposite sides. Stretch in opposing directions until the diameter of The Slip Guard is large enough to pass up the shaft of the penis.

    Place antibacterial soap in the palm of your hands. With The Slip Guard in hand, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry with a clean towel or allow to air dry. 


    It is suggested that The Slip Guard be stored in the original packaging. If another form of storage is chosen, make sure it will protect The Slip Guard from contact with excessive dust or debris. Such contact can weaken the bond The Slip Guard has between the condom and the skin. Please rewashed if it feels sticky to the touch.